The Next 8 Things You Should Do For an Ezgo123 Success

In case you are a fan of horse betting, then Ezgo123 is a hot bet for horse betting. No other platform is as big as Ezgo123 in Singapore. Their team is maintained and contended for their users and they provide the top quality horse betting scenarios. You can get access to such betting events through H3asia too. There are eight things that you should do for getting your success at Ezgo123.

1.    Wager on your favourite

It is true that most of the underdogs win one-third part of the time. Underdogs are those horses on which no one has placed any bets and they are the ones with really low odds. Sometimes the favourites also end up winning the race. Betting on them might turn your luck.

2.    View the horses

Before betting on a particular horse, you should check out the horse, its abilities, its weaknesses and more. This would help you to figure out the possibility of whether the horse would be able to win the race or not.

3.    Compare

Do not randomly place bets on horses. Compare between different horses. There are two things that you should compare, their present condition and their past performances. Depending on that, choose the best according to you.

4.    Jockeys and Trainers

Always speak to the jockeys and trainers of the horse that you are betting on. Some of them build their career within two years only when others have spent a vast amount of time and adapted to the horses. As they would be riding with the horse, you should always go for someone who understands the horse the best and would make it win the race through rigorous training. 

5.    Look for equipment

Always make sure that the horse you are betting on has the right amount and the best quality of racing accessories like blinkers and more. Some horses race better with their blinkers on while others do not. It is not preferable to bet on a horse which would race for the first time with or without blinkers on as first times are not always great.

6.    Weight

In long races, it is considered that weight plays a big role. Keep a check on the previous races of the horses and compare their efficiency when they were carrying more weights and when they were carrying fewer bets. The scene where they function the best is the one you want to place your bet on.

7.    Medications

Butazolidin and Lasix are two medicines which enhance the performance of the horses. You can do some research and check beforehand for those horses which have been given this medication. Many a time medicated horses win a maximum of the races.

8.     Breeding

Breeding is very crucial and it will tell you the exact quality of your horse. Some of the horses are bred for stamina, and some for speed. To win the race, both these two factors are needed. So always check the breed of your horse before betting.

So, the next time you place bets on Ezgo123 through H3asia, you can always look back to these tips to earn cash and also enjoy the horse race at the same time.