Playing online casino Singapore just became easier

Do you know that by just following 4 steps, you can win more than a million bucks by playing online casino Singapore? Read this short guide on acing your game in any Singapore online casino.

  1. Opening your account

How can you win big without opening your account? Do this by just following these simple steps;

  • Log into H3Asia, a leading online gambling platform quite popular in Singapore and South East Asia.
  • Submit your email id, name, password while registering yourself.
  • Enter your correct age, don’t lie about your age. Some online casino Singapore operators do independent checks while accepting new members.
  • Verify your details by clicking the registration link sent to your email id.
  • Make the first deposit by adding your credit/ debit card, bank account etc. to the casino’s gateways.
  • Read instructions

Before you start laying your first bet, read up all the instructions listed on your online casino Singapore. You can find all those instructions easily on the website. Understanding and memorizing those rules and guidelines will help you ace the game.

  • If you are unclear,

Speak to the 24/7 customer care helpline provided on the website. Leave questions on the site or simply send an email. Most good online casinos have very efficient customer service executives. You can find your answer on the cc page most probably, so you don’t have to ask the exec at all.

  • Demo mode

New players often fall into the trap of laying bets from the word go. This isn’t a wise strategy.

Check out a few demo games before laying live bets. Master the console first and then go in for the kill. Another word of advice- start with low value bets so as to minimize your losses.

There are a few other things you can do to win big.

Read a few betting guides before getting started. You can find these online and it would be indeed helpful to read them up. However, these are just guides; they may not necessarily make you win your game.

Secondly, always set up a budget. If you have $100 in your pocket, set apart just 2% of this money for betting. Most new gamblers overlook this principle, and end up losing a lot of money on the table. Remember, gambling can never replace your normal day job; treat it as a means of entertainment.

Even if you lose, treat your loss as just a speed breaker. Don’t take losses to your heart. Gambling is full of chances, some good, others bad.

Choose your games wisely. Some games have high RTPs and high volatility. You may avoid these games as there is a high chance of losing all your winnings in a very short time. Consider laying bets that have medium to low volatility.

Lastly, never lay bets while using public Wi-fi. Phishers and online thieves might break into your wallet and rob you of your money.

Your guide to win on the Singapore online betting circuit

Here’s a Singapore online betting secret that we are passing you for free. Last year, a rank new comer on the Singapore live betting circuit won more than a million dollars.

Is winning this much money impossible? Well, many people think so. But, we don’t thinks so.

Winning big on Singapore online betting is quite easy and all it takes is just a few tips. Read this article and get ready for your next Singapore live betting session.

  1. Know what’s live betting

Singapore live betting activities involve placing bets on live sporting events. You log into your online betting account, check the various sporting events that are taking place, and choose one of them. Let’s say it is football and out of the two teams, A and B, the latter team has won most of its matches in the past. You lay your bets on B because of its previous record.

A scores first, and you now rethink your betting strategy. Bit you still want to wait.

A few minutes later, A strikes back. Now the game is evenly poised. Now your betting strategy is changed- both teams stand an equal chance in the game. This is how live betting is done; you depend upon what is happening on the ground. Sportsbook figures do help you, but ultimately it is your judgment.

  • Set realistic goals

It is nearly impossible to win every bet, let’s be clear on that. Our judgments will fail several times because we don’t factor in all the important criteria while placing the bet. Sometimes, we don’t even know what are THE SIGNIFICANT FACTORS.

Let’s set goals that are achievable. We can place small bets that don’t exceed our limits. Once we achieve our goals, we can increase our limits.

  • Select wisely

There are two schools of thoughts related to placing your bets.

Some pros say it is wise to spread your risks; the aim is to minimize your losses.

On the other hand, other say it is prudent to focus on just a handful of games to win big.

So, which way will you go?

We’d suggest you select those games that you know. If you follow football, lay your bets on this game. If you don’t know the rules of horse racing, it is better to stay away from it.

But you can still spread your risks on football by placing your bets on its different aspects. How many goals will be scored? How many penalties will be awarded? Which player will fall more on the ground? What’s the total number of saves?

We hope this article helps you in winning your million bucks when you next decide to lay your bets.

What makes sportsbook the most followed betting venture among the punters

The most attention-grabbing deals are the ones that involve a combination of our favorite element, isn’t that right? Even though the probability of stumbling across such an astounding offer is rare, the surge of happiness that one feels upon the occurrence of such a scenario is just indescribable! Passing-up on these sorts of bargains becomes next to impossible.

Examples of such circumstances may pop up in any given field, but the likeliness of this appearance remains vague and unpredictable. But, would you believe if you were told that such a provision is up for availing which, in addition to providing the aforementioned perks, also helps you earn a decent chunk of money? It seems to be highly doubtful, right? No matter how unbelievable, such an arrangement actually exists and is open to people around the globe.

With one of the dimensions of this combo package involving the money factor, the other aspect is also a crowd favorite, i.e., sporting events. That’s right! Money summed up with sports equals the Singapore sportsbook. Making easy money by just using your intellectual prowess of various sports is too good a deal to sacrifice on!

The advantages provided by its dimension become amplified, thanks to the fact that the place of operations happens to be one of the booming betting markets of the Asia Pacific region, i.e., online betting Singapore. A bookmaker is basically a person or a firm that lets the participant bet on a variety of aspects. For example, the total score of an event, number of individual goals of a certain football player, the number of wins by a tennis player throughout a tournament, etc.

The following points back the argument that this particular form of betting especially from this place is advantageous than most, if not all, of the others.

The ease of availing and the entertainment attached with it

Given that each and everyone of us has a preference of one or the other form of sporting, it becomes absolutely easy to participate and win big in these games. Singapore sportsbooktends to flaunt a really wide array of sporting events from all over the globe involving a huge number of games and sports as well. This rule out the chance of not finding your favorite sport and miss out on the experience.

The payment procedure

Online betting Singaporeholds a formidable rapport for conducting effortless and fast transactions. Given that the transaction is something that is the most complained about dimension of betting, the addition of this salient feature makes it all the more convincing to participate in something of this caliber. In short, if you choose to pursue this particular form of betting, you don’t have to bother yourself with worrying about the amount that you staked. For the payout procedure is initiated instantly and takes place with zero hiccups.

Take a good look and decide whether you would like to get involved in something that flaunts so many advantageous attributes or just simply chooses to pass-up on it and rather choose other contingencies that are not as profitable.

Why horse betting Singapore will win you over instantly

When it comes to betting, then betting Singapore is considered to be one of thebest ways to earn your desired money.Mostly bettors visit casinos for the sake of money and of course, it is one of the easiest ways to become rich in the shortest time possible.

Before moving forward with the context, won’t you be incredibly pleased to know that, you can even win money along with fun?Yeah, of course, in fact,this is one of the best ways to live your life.

Singapore horse betting is considered to be one of the most popular forms of gambling that is practicedby millions of people all over the world. And we humans are always looking for ways to perform our work effortlessly. In such a case, even though there are many ways to bet on horse races, but using the internet is clearly the easiest one.

It’s not like visiting some bookmakers or using a telephone betting is difficult but doing everything with full comfort using the web, sounds so much convenient.Every one of us must have come across tons of advantages of gambling over the internet, but our motive is to convince you with detailed information, that it’s actually worth investing in.In fact, it is probably the best way there is to pursue this.

But going home with a huge increase of monetary values in your bank after a match, which even adds to the overall experience of watching a horse racing match online,is an entirely different kind of feeling.However, we aren’t ready tosacrifice thecomfortof our living rooms for any sort of experience, it’s better to figure out a means to miss out on them whatsoever.

Here are some of the facts that, will make you fall hard for betting Singapore, for sure.

  1. Restrictions in the racing coverage:

It is practically not possible for some bookmaker or telephone betting services to cover up all the sports-related to betting. They can only cover races in a particular country or a special type.

But through online means, you can gain all kinds of benefits starting from staying within your comforts to being able to participate in all sorts of horse sporting.

  • Bonuses, Rebates, and Rewards:

Another purpose of using betting online is that many online betting sites provide their new customers with bonus points at the time of signups. And many of them even offer beneficiary points or rewards to their existing customers in order to gain their trust and support.

These kinds of rewards are introduced to increase the number of bets put-in bygamblers,I.e., the more you bet, the more you get in return as bonuses. This is basically free money offered by the online betting sites.

  • Heightened Interest:

In the case of online Singapore horse bettingsites, they always keep promoting the heightened interest in the race, about upcoming matches, the form and lead up events. This proves to be highly advantageous to whoever participates in it.

  • Don’t have to deal in person with the experts:

One of the main reasons whynot-so socially active bettors are going to love these online betting sites is that they really don’t have to interact or come face-to-face with experts or someone with more standards.

SINGAPORE BETTING: Easy, Fun and Fortune

Watching sports and make money, what else anyone could ask for!As soon as the sports tournament is around the corner, people pull up their socks to bet and try their luck, some of them make a lot of money whereas some are left with empty hands. Singapore Betting is not only restricted to sports, in fact, it has been extended to non-athletic and entertainment sector as well.

There are people who consider Singapore bettingas a promising platform. It majorly works on the hit and trial method which may or may not help earn a fortune by spending very nominal fees in the form of a subscription. Betting is more than just a game, it is thrilling. After a point, it becomes your whole world, occupying the entire space in your head.

Singapore Betting can be easily run by anyone who is well acquainted with its know-how. Once you win, you get tempted to give it a second shot to try your luck again and that is how you become addicted. But one should keep in mind, where there is a probability of winning the bet, there is also a high chance of losing it as well. However, if one has already lost the bet twice, it needs to be stopped then and there itself.

As a beginner, you might find betting in Singapore quite complex but choosing the right portal lands you in a win-win situation.  Singapore Bettingis a pool for making money by doing almost nothing. One should choose the right portal to bet carefully as they would not want to make a hole in their pocket by investing in something you don’t have a clue about.

Certain tips need to be acknowledged before trying your luck in Singapore Bettingwhich can be described in the following manner:

  • In the beginning, do follow the footsteps of the experienced bettors, though it does not promise the winning but at least one can learn from their experience.
  •  It is always advisable not to set unrealistic goals which could not be achieved as there is always a chance to loose as well as to win the bet.
  •  One should learn the rules carefully before betting so that you will be in a better position to enjoy the bet.
  • Always keep in mind for the money that you are putting in betting as there are equal chances of loosing as well as winning. Betting is appealing. However, one should always be attentive.
  • In Singapore betting, one should be very careful to identify the positive expected value. This is the only way to make profits in the long run.
  • One must be knowledgeable about the Singapore betting strategies. Understanding strategies will not guarantee winning the bet, but still even little knowledge can be helpful at times.

These aforementioned tips will surely improve your betting outcomes.

Betting includes give and take. A lot of money involves lot of financial transactions. Here, Singapore Betting makes these transactions safe. Therefore, Singapore betting site allows user to be in their comfort Zone and transfer money safely and easily.

Singapore Betting Account-Play like a Pro and Make Big Bucks

Last year, Singapore based betting sites gave away more than a million dollars in prize monies. You too can become a millionaire, if not a billionaire, by making the right moves. One of the key moves that you need to make is to create a Singapore betting account. Creating your account on one of the Singapore live betting sites doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

If you are a novice in the live betting circuit, please understand that this kind of betting takes place on live games. You can choose your own sport or game by scanning the numerous Singapore live betting sites available at the click of a button.

Since Singapore has a large expat population, most of the websites have sports like football, cricket, basketball, horseracing, etc.

So how do you create your Singapore betting account?

You need to first identify the right betting portal. For this, you can read various online reviews, and then form an opinion. Before taking your decision, please consider the following yardsticks.

Your betting portal should be secure and there should be no scope for hackers and online phishers to steal your data. One of the portals where you can play safely is . This website employs the secure server layer technology which makes your data and personal information absolutely safe.

In this context, we would also recommend not to use public Wi-fi networks while laying a bet. Please use your own wi-fi or mobile hotspot.

Secondly, you should continuously sharpen your betting skills. This means that it is wiser to hone your skills by playing free games regularly. This way, you would know your weaknesses. In this context, it also helps to read a few betting guide books to stay ahead of the competition.

If you are a new player on the gambling circuit, here is an important piece of advice: please stay away from games that have a high house advantage. Games having high house advantage are invariably loaded in favor of the online casino. Rather, it makes sense to play and test your luck at skill-based games.

Play your game in a relaxed manner. Pros never rush in their games. They think through coolly and then make the right moves. If you want to play like a pro, think through each move deeply, and then make your move.

Many amateur gamblers place their bets on almost every sport that they see on the website. This isn’t a wise move. Rather, pick a couple of games, observe how things work, and then place your first bet.

Stick to a budget. Set up your limits and stick to them. Never treat gambling as another source of income.

Lastly, listen to every piece of advice that you get, but make your own judgment. Sometimes, our gut feeling is more valuable than external advice. Gambling is not just plain luck, it is also a very scientific activity.

Singapore Live Betting- Make Money on Popular and Not So Popular Sports

Some Singapore betting sites are a paradise for live bettors. These seasoned gamblers regularly make upwards of $50,000 by betting on some extremely popular and not so popular games. In fact, the Singapore live betting circuit has taken the online gambling world by storm.

Live betting today is much like the gold diggers of the Wild West who set out to bag riches. Theirs was an extremely risky journey. These adventurers had bet their entire money on getting gold. Some of these ‘bettors’ made fortunes, but most of them could barely make some money. Live betting is like this only.

Live betting attracts gamblers because of one simple reason. They know that it is easier to beat the bookies while the action is taking place. Nobody can influence the outcome of the event that is taking place before so many people.

However, the truth is that live betting is a very intense, and difficult activity. Inexperienced bettors find it difficult to hold on to their emotions while seeing the odds dance before their eyes. If you are not careful, you can end up losing your hard-earned money on your Singapore live betting site.

However, you can still ace your game and make money by placing bets on football, basketball, horseracing, tennis, and other popular sports. Here are some time-tested live betting strategies that may work for you.

  1. Never lay your bets to recover your losses. We know it is difficult for many newbies to follow this tip, but if you are laying bets only to minimize your losses, you will only multiply the latter.
  2. Never place all your live bets at the same moment. Wait for the right moment to place your next bet. Keep a note of what all is happening on the various Singapore betting sites, and then place your bet. Please remember that live betting is a very dynamic activity, and outcomes change every moment.
  3. Many amateur bettors don’t watch the games that they lay bets on. These gamblers are easily swayed by catchphrases like’ Dangerous Moves’ etc. These phrases are meant to put you off-balance. Rather, we’d advise you to actually watch the game you are interested in and then lay your bet as it progresses.
  4. Please analyze all the stats before laying your bets. For example, if you are interested in the English Premier League, analyze all the stats of all the major players. This would help you make a better judgment. That said, please realize that every event is independent in nature. For example, if stats say that Chelsea has won 60% of all its matches against Arsenal, this doesn’t mean that the next match too will be won by Chelsea. The result can go either way. Use your gut feeling as well.

While live betting is an exciting activity, we’d advise you to check with as many bookmakers as possible. When you have a broad range of information, you are more likely to earn big. 

Malaysia Sports Betting Online – Your Guide To Making Big Bucks Online

With so many options available on Malaysia sports betting online, you would be spoilt for choice. One of the destinations which provide you an incomparable gambling experience in Malaysia is TBSBet. Hosted by, this online gaming destination has a live casino, a sportsbook, and an unlimited array of slot games.

TBSBet is a highly respected gambling platform and is licensed by the Government of Vanuatu. All the games on this platform are beautifully designed, have great themes and also have superior graphics. Look up at the TBSBet on the H3Asia website, and you will see more than 200 games lined up there.

If you are new to the gambling circuit, and are unaware of the relevant rules, you look at those listed on the website.

Now, let’s get straight to the point; how to make big bucks on Malaysia sports betting online.

Well, there is no rocket science to making your first million. All it requires is a little bit of common sense and lots of hard work.

For starters, if you are a bettor, never rely blindly on statistics, use your gut feeling as well. While all slot games, casino games, etc. are based on permutations and combinations, ultimately it is you have to make the right decision. Observe each game minutely, and make a note of all the winning and losing performances. Statistics might say that Team A is more likely to win because it has won 50% of its games in the past but, it is also possible that A might lose in their next match. So, how do you cope with this uncertainty?

This is where risk management comes in. Since gambling reflects life, risks are an inherent part of it. You can reduce risk by laying bets on not one, not two but more than three events. This way, you can hope to not just recover your losses, but also win big time also.

We would like to give an important piece of advice here. Please don’t play to recover your losses. If you do that, your focus will be not to win, but not to lose. This is a defensive approach, and you won’t like gambling in the long run. Play to win.

If you are a regular on the gambling circuit, you would have seen promos and bonuses pop up on your screen. How often have you used them? Chances are you haven’t for long. If you haven’t, it is time to make use of these bonuses right now. You might land up a jackpot with one of those bonus spins.

Learn the terms. Yes, you should learn all the terms and phrases in gambling. For each gambling activity, there is a set of specific terms. Please make an effort to master those term; it will help you ace your game. Here is a list of all the gambling terms that you would encounter in your journey.

We hope we have answered all your questions in this article.

Don’t Commit These Silly Mistakes on This Horse Betting Malaysia Website

Every year, thousands of horse racing enthusiasts and sports bettors converge on the horse racing tracks in Malaysia. In addition, there are several bettors who lay their wagers online on their favorite horses. The air is full of anticipation- the race lovers would want their favorite animal to win, while the bettors are keen to net big money.

This article approaches horse racing from the point of view of the bettor. It lists down some common mistakes that bettors make on horse betting Malaysia website.

  1. Not knowing the terms and definitions

Bettors who are new to the Malaysia betting circuit need to at least know some basic terms on horse racing. It is astounding to see many newbies not making the effort to at least understand the basics of the game. Some of these common definitions are- Win, Place, Box Trifecta, and Exacta.

Win means picking the horse that will win the race, while Place is selecting that horse which will come second or third.

Trifecta means the horses you have selected have come first, second and third. Box trifecta is the order of the top 3 finishers; it doesn’t matter whether you have placed your bets on the top 3. Exacta means that the bettor should pick the top 2 participants in that order.

  • Following the trends

Another common mistake that most rookies and pros make is follow the trends mindlessly. They analyze all the races, and based on the trends pick those horses which have won the most races in a given period. In short, these bettors are studying statistics, and not betting at all.

Please understand that every horse race is an independent event. A horse that has won 35% of its races may not win its next race. If you truly want to predict which horse will win, please read all the factors listed on your horse betting website. Study each horse comprehensively, and then make your judgment.

  • Not choosing the right horse betting Malaysia website

Another costly mistake that many horse bettors commit is not choosing a genuine website. In the process, they are scammed of their hard- earned money.

In your journey to becoming a millionaire, you will encounter many horse betting websites that will lure you with lofty offers. They will promise you a lot of money in return for your bank account details. These websites are fake, and don’t trust them. Do your own research on genuine horse-racing websites.

  • Not using bonuses and promos

Another common mistake that many of us commit is not using our bonuses and promos properly. In fact, we don’t even use them sometimes.

Some gambling activities like horse-racing can fetch you a lot of money if you used your promo codes and bonuses imaginatively.

To sum up, please avoid committing silly mistakes if you want to become a top-notch horse racing gambler. In order to become a pro, learn from your past mistakes, but never repeat them.