Live Bet Malaysia – What It Means to Be a Millionaire?

You don’t just need to work long hours in a Malaysia based firm to become a millionaire. With several live bet Malaysia websites, you can pick your right game, and go home big. Try out Live22, an exciting online casino hosted by, a trusted gambling platform that draws visitors from all over the world. With over 100 fun casino and arcade games, Live22 can be your gateway to a world of wealth and opulence.

To win big in this online casino, here is what you need to do.

If you are a new player, you first need to create your account. Opening an account is quite easy. Simply go to the H3Asia website, and click ‘Register’. In the next 4 steps, you can open your free account. Just give out your name, email id, password, country of origin, currency. You will also have to share your date of birth and bank account details. The latter is needed to integrate your bank account with the online casino’s payment gateways.

Once you are done with creating your online account, you need to make an initial deposit. This initial corpus will fund your first few games.

At this stage, look out for the various promos and bonuses available on your live bet Malaysia website. Bonuses and promos help in unexpected ways. For example, you can get a few free spins on your favorite slot. Who knows one of these free spins might help you bag a jackpot!

Speaking of jackpots, some of the games on Live22 have progressive jackpots. Check out those games and lay your first bet on one of them.

Do you understand these online casino terms like bet value, coin value, scatter, joker, etc. If not, perhaps it’s time to understand them.

Now this advice is for the newbies. If you are wading into the world of online casino for the first time, please practice your first few moves. Practice on the demo modes of some of the games that you see. At this stage, there is absolutely no need to place any money bet. Once you have mastered those demo games, start your money bets.

Once you have started laying your money bets, please set up a bet limit. This means you are setting a limit to how much you are betting on a particular day.

Is it wise to lay bets on all the games in your online casino? We don’t think so. Your focus should be those games over which you have command. We’d even suggest that you should lay bets on skill-base games and not on those which have a big house edge. Games which have high house edges are more likely to be won by the casino.

One major reason why gamblers like to visit brick and mortar casinos is because of live dealers. You can match your wits with a live dealer on an online casino too. Share your messages, etc. via the interactive platform provided.

Top 5 Things Every Betting Site Must Provide

There’s no dearth of online bookmakers today. Every other website offers a host of betting and gambling options to internet users. This is because the world of online gaming and betting has become highly entertaining, exhilarating, and addictive.

So how to know which website to choose for betting and which to avoid? Which one can be trusted with your wager money and which is notorious for unreliability? To make things simpler for you, we bring you a list of 5 must-haves in every betting Malaysia website.

5 Things A Betting Site Must Include

  1. Attractive betting odds –What do online bettors look for in their bookie site? The odds at winning the bet they’ve so fondly placed on their favourite game or sport match. This is why a website must offer some great, lucrative, and different betting odds from what the competition provides in order to lure in higher number of visitors.

Maxbet one such online gaming and betting website that provides excellent choice in betting odds. And you can play to your heart’s content on Maxbet in the hope of winning some excellent odds on your bet money.

  • Live bets – Live betting is trending and it’s nearly impossible for major gaming websites not to include the exclusive feature of live bets on their platform. H3Asia, the leading sport betting and gaming platform offers live bet Malaysia options to its Malaysian, Asian, and international audience. With live bets, you can be a part of the action and wager money accordingly as well, standing a higher chance at winning.
  • Varied betting options – Variety is the spice of the online gaming world. You’d always find your users craving for more, different, and better, perhaps because there’s tough competition too. Therefore, a betting site must also keep varied options for placing wagers open to its bettors. This may include live bet Malaysia games, sport betting, online casino, jackpots, slots, and the like.
  • Ease of money transactions –Pay-outs and withdrawals are another very common concern with online gamers. There’s thrill in playing and winning but what about the money won? Can it really be withdrawn – this concern always keeps floating around in the minds of the users. It’s therefore important to offer an absolute guarantee of pay-outs, even in terms of security and privacy of the users while making transactions online.
  • 100% transparency – Online dealings always come with an involuntary element of risk and your users would only be able to trust you better if you can assure them of fair and transparent dealings in all your transactions. Make yourself accountable and credible in the market and keep yourself easily approachable in the form of customer service support. Your users should be able to and confident to approach you at any time before, during, or after the game.


With such competition in the online betting market, it only makes sense to incorporate these top features so that you can attract and retain gamers and bettors for long.

Live bet Malaysia; Things you should be aware of

The Malaysia bet scene is hotting up every month, and it is time you took some firm steps toward making some cool money. Read this live bet Malaysia guide and get to know some important things.

What is live betting?

In live betting, you place bets on a live sporting event. You lay your bets after the action has started. Now, you are the center of action. There is no time to read research reports and statistics. Live bet Malaysia is also called in-play betting or in-running betting. During your live betting, you can place bets on different parts of the game. For example, in a football match, you can lay bets on how many goals a player will score, etc.

So how does live betting on the Malaysia bet scene work?

Let’s assume there are two teams in a football match, A and B. A is the favorite team to win so many people have already bet on this team.

A few moments after the match has begun, B takes a lead by scoring the first goal. Now, the odds have changed; even though A is the favorite team, B has improved its odds. So, you might like to place your bets on this team. Your decision is also influenced by the online sportsbook. This computer keeps on sharing past insights to help you take a proper decision.

If some thing significant happens during the game, the computer would switch off for a few moments and then rework its odds. Once it is on, you rework your own strategy and place bets accordingly.

Advantages of live betting

The biggest advantage of live betting is that you can minimize your risks. Here’s how.

Let’s take the example of the same football match. You can place different bets on different aspects of the game, and come out with a winning strategy.

For example, lay bets on how many goals will be scored by both the teams. Or, which team will get more shootouts? This way, you can minimize your losses and maximize your winnings.

The second advantage is you can change your mind. Before the match started, you thought A would win, but after the initial minutes, you can sense that the game is evenly placed. So, you rework your strategy and place a more balanced bet.

While live betting is exciting, we’d advise you to be a little responsible here.

Since this form of betting involves placing bets on different activities in a game, people may lose a lot of money. Mindless betting can set you back.

We would advise you to put a limit to your betting activity. Don’t stretch yourself too much. If you are a betting enthusiast, please allot only a certain number of days for your betting. In short, be a responsible gambler.

Live betting on Malaysian online sites is easy. You can register yourself in just 3-4 easy steps, however, you need to be an adult before you start gambling.