How to Make Money with Citibet?

Do you love watching horse races? And how would you like if you got a chance to make some real money out of it too? Incredible, isn’t it? You get to watch the race and also place a bet on your favourite horse, standing a chance to earn money if you win the bet.

Citibet, the most popular horse betting website in Singapore, makes this possible. The portal has popularised the idea of horse racing betting in the country, attracting millions of betters worldwide. There is real money involved and bettors are offered the exclusive chance to place bets online sitting in the comfort of their homes; they don’t need to go to a physical racetrack to watch the race and then bet.

This is why Citibetattracts online bettors in large numbers because the platform can be conveniently accessed from anywhere. Here we talk about the simple means in which you could make money from watching horse racing in your living room.

How You Can Make Money at Citibet

The portal hosts several horse races every day where you can wager your money. There are Grand Slam tournaments as well as relatively smaller local tournaments too. Depending on your budget and personal preference, you may choose where to place your bet on. However, remember that if you win a single bet on a particular horse and consider it to be your favourite for subsequent bets, wagering money on the same horse may also give you some surprises.

This is because in horse racing, different horses may be used at different times. Therefore, choosing a particular favourite horse to place your bet on may not always yield profits. It’s a chance game and going by that rule would keep things realistic for you. Be open to betting on one of the outsiders or newcomer horses; you never know which one could be your money-earner!

Live Betting at Citibet is Exciting and More Profitable Too

Always try and go for live betting on the portal. Not only is it engaging, it can also prove to be more rewarding. This is because watching a horse race live before your eyes presents a better picture of how the race is shaping up. You know which horse is doing better than the others and can be your lucky charm for the day. This means that you can wager your money then and there after weighing your options.

Beginners Must Do their Homework Well

Horse racing betting can sound quite alluring and lucrative, especially if you’re a beginner to the game. It might sound fairly easy too but it can get a bit complicated for the newbies. Therefore, it’s important to do your research well. Follow horse races regularly and learn all about the winning odds, jockey, trainer, saddle cover, and the past performance of every horse.


Horse race betting isn’t that difficult either, provided you follow these simple tips on Citibet. Bet on!