How to Get Lucky With GDlotto?

Grand Dragon Lotto, or GDLotto, as it’s more popularly known, is one of the pioneers of 4D online lottery games in Singapore. Needless to say, lottery-playing has always been a favourite among people of all ages since time immemorial. And now, its entry into the internet world has been warmly welcomed too, which reflects in the immense popularity lottery games have garnered in a very short span.

But the real attraction came with GDlotto, the first-ever 4D-designed lottery game, which offers its players a unique drawing methodthat’s enough to make anyone get lucky. Here we explore how.

How to Play GDlotto and Get Lucky?

Once you’ve got the hang of the game, it can become quite addictive because it allows you to score some real good chances at it. Let’s see how you too can try your luck at the game.

The game begins by offering a number of betting choices to the players from a total of 13 winning positions between the letters A to M. The bet chosen by the player would help determine the winning odds and the actual size of the reward that they can claim. You can start betting with a minimum amount of $1.

Now, the most interesting characteristic of Grand Dragon Lotto is the 4-Digit number to be chosen as part of the bet. This number will then be matched with all the 23 winning numbers drawn. The number to be picked up should be in the range of 0000 to 9999. The player also needs to choose an alphabet between A and Z. As such, the final bet placed by the player could be, for instance, 3228 E.

The player is entitled to win the top prize if both their 4-digit number as well as the alphabet can match with the other numbers in the game. Simple, isn’t it? Also, 4D isn’t the only betting choice at your disposal. In case you fail to get lucky in this range, the next one to try your luck at is the 3D ABC betting choice. It works the similar way, only in this case you’re required to pick out a 3-digit number ranging between 000 and 999 as well as an alphabet from A to Z.

Again as earlier, both the number and the letter drawn for the particular type of bet should match. And the total prize to be claimed depends on the amount placed on the bet. This way, players can choose between either 3D or 4D betting choices at Gdlottoand stand a chance to make some highly decent earnings with either of the two.

Gdlotto has been highly popular as a land-based lottery game in Singapore but its easy availability and accessibility online has made it spread out even more wildly. You too can try your luck at the game today and experience the joy of playing lottery while earning some handsome rewards while you’re at it. So download today and start getting lucky!